COVID-19: Returning to Class





Following closely to Government & IDTA guidelines we are now ready to return to classes. Phase one of our return will be the reinstatement of one to one sessions at our main studio at MK Snap. To remain safe, healthy and socially distant we will have the following extra measures in place (all measures are subject to change).


Entry to building (Snap) 

  • Ingress will be via the main doors; you will be buzzed into the building.

  • Face coverings must be worn upon entering the building and can only be removed once the test and trace questionnaire has been completed and it is deemed safe for you to continue into the building.

  • Temperatures will be checked upon entry to the building, if a high temperature is registered the dancer will not be permitted entry to the venue.

  • A ‘test and trace’ questionnaire will be administered to make sure that we are complying with government directive.

  • There will be a hand sanitizing station by reception and a clearly marked handwashing area which must be used before commencement of classes.

  • If you have tested positive for covid-19, have experienced coronavirus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who exhibits symptoms you must not attend your lesson.

  • If you exhibit symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 after you have attended your lesson you must inform us (for further info please visit

  • Egress will be via the dance studio fire exit.

  • Attendance of classes is by appointment only; no walk ins will be admitted until change of directive.

  • Children under the age of 14 can be checked in by one parent/guardian (no 2nd parent or siblings will be allowed into the check-in area)

  • Children should be collected promptly from outside the studio fire exit as we need to maintain numbers and cannot be responsible for any student outside of their lesson time.

  • As the waiting areas are currently closed, dancers cannot wait inside the building in between lessons e.g. if waiting between two non-consecutive lesson slots.


Use of common areas and restrooms   

  • The waiting area in the atrium will be closed until further notice, this is to limit the total number of people in the building. We encourage you to either wait in your car or use the outside seating area at the front of the building (as before all areas within the boundary gates are non-smoking).

  • Use of the restrooms is discouraged unless absolutely necessary.

  • Access to the studio kitchen is limited to JFDC staff only.


Cleaning of studio and entryways

  • The studio will be thoroughly cleaned with antibacterial product before the start of classes.

  • Lessons will be timed so that there will be adequate time to clean the studio in-between sessions.

  • In between each lesson slot, all door handles and any seating used will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner and the floor will be swept.


Social distancing during lessons  

  • There will be no student/teacher physical contact during lessons and teachers will stay in an allocated area which will be maintained using floor markers.

  • Partnering/contact dancing is permitted when members of the same household/support bubble attend together.

  • There will be a maximum of six people in the studio during one to one sessions (two one to one sessions with two dancers) at any one-time.

  • The maximum number of people in the studio (MK snap) at any one time is fifteen (including teachers). 

  • Due to the travelling nature of Freestyle competitive work, these sessions will be kept separate from Ballroom/Latin lessons.

  • As we are fortunate enough to have a large studio where 2m distance can be maintained, face coverings and other PPE are not required by law. However, if you would prefer your teacher to wear a face covering please request this before attending your lesson and we will happily oblige.

  • We have been working hard to make sure that the content of your lesson will be fulfilling and useful, even without physical contact and restricted dance space. 

  • There will be antibacterial gel available throughout your lesson.


Tea bar and tuck shop

  • There will be no access to the kitchen and refreshment facilities as this cannot be properly monitored whilst teaching.

  • There will be no communal water or squash jugs available. Dancers are encouraged to bring their own drinks.


Personal property

  • All personal property (which should be kept to a minimum) is to be kept with dancers at all times including coats, bags, personal belongings. There will be allocated chairs for your items and use whilst dancing, which will be sanitized in-between sessions.

  • Use of communal equipment will be suspended until further notice, however if required dancers can bring their own yoga mats, resistance bands and stretching blocks.

  • Dancers must arrive in their dance attire as changing facilities will not be available.


Booking and payment

  • Lesson slots will be available as listed on our website

  • No cash or cheque payments will be accepted

  • Payment can be made in advance Via BACS or web payment

  • On the day payments can be made via contactless (up to £45) or chip and pin (e-receipts are available).

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