COVID-19: Returning to Class

Original:   21.07.2020

Updated: 11.08.2020







To remain safe and healthy during the next step of restrictions easing, the following extra measures will be actioned w/c 19th July. We will be monitoring these measures and request that you adhere to them.  



  • Partner dancing between adult dancers and teachers will be permitted under new measures only if the dancer has had both vaccine doses (please show your vaccine card or online passport at your first lesson back) or has received a negative Lateral flow test result within the 48 hours prior to their class. 

  • Couples work between junior dancers will be permitted at Parents/Guardians’ discretion.

  • Junior dancers will have to submit to a temperature check before partnering a teacher or receiving physical corrections (this will take place at the beginning of their session).

  • All students will be asked to sanitize their hands before partner dancing commences.

  • Face coverings and other PPE are not required whilst dancing. However, they may be worn by dancers and/or teachers if preferred/requested.



Entry/exit to building

  • Ingress and egress will be clearly marked.  

  • Dancers must arrive a minimum of 5 minutes and no earlier than 10 minutes before their session time. 

  • As waiting areas are currently closed, we expect the carparks to be busy. With this in mind we ask that you park sensibly and respectfully and do not use disabled bays unless you are a badge holder.

  • If a dancer is feeling unwell, we reserve the right to refuse admission to class.

  • If a dancer cannot adapt to current measures, they may be asked to delay their return to class until restrictions are eased.

  • There will be a hand sanitizing station by registration must be used before commencement of classes (alternately please use the wash basins in the facilities).

  • If you have tested positive for covid-19, have experienced coronavirus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who exhibits symptoms you must not attend your lesson.

  • If you exhibit symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 after you have attended your lesson you must inform us. For further info please visit

  • Children must be collected promptly from outside the studio exit as we cannot be responsible for any student outside of their lesson time (Please do not crowd the exit).

  • As the waiting areas are currently closed, dancers/parents cannot wait inside the building during/in between lessons e.g., if waiting between two non-consecutive lesson slots.



Use of common areas and restrooms   

  • Waiting areas will be closed until further notice. We encourage you to either wait in your car or use the outside area.


Cleaning of studio and entryways

  • The studio will be cleaned with antibacterial product before the start of classes.

  • Lessons will be timed so that there will be adequate time to clean the studio in-between sessions if necessary.

  • There will be antibacterial hand gel available throughout.


Personal property

  • All personal property (which should be kept to a minimum) is to be kept with dancers at all times including coats, bags and personal belongings.  

  • Dancers must arrive in their dance attire where possible.


Booking and payment

  • Lesson times have changed slightly to allow for cleaning and transition, please check the timetable before booking.

  • No cash or cheque payments will be accepted.

  • Payment must be made in advance Via BACS or web payment

  • Attendance is by appointment only; no walk-ins will be admitted (please book your space via