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40 Minute Classes

  • Paying for your classes in a half term block entitles you to the following extra benefits: 

    • 10% discount given for multi class payments
    • Parallel classes can be taken at any time at any of our schools

    Terms & Conditions 

    • Online fees are payable for a full pay period (half termly) regardless of attendance unless explicitly arranged with the Principal.
    • Fees must be received before the beginning of a term,
    • There are no refunds if a student is absent from class. Students are welcome to make up any missed classes at another venue of their choice.
    • If a pupil has a long-term illness or injury, fees may be refunded at the Principal's discretion. This does not include minor illnesses or holidays taken mid-term.
    • If it is necessary to cancel a class due to adverse weather conditions, class fees will not be refunded. However, Dancers are welcome to attend a class at a different venue to catch up.
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